Thursday, August 2, 2007

Monstera Deliciosa

The glass paint also came in handy for decorating the bedroom window - I chose monstera deliciosa leaves to keep in theme with the one growing outside. My bedroom is decorated in a swathe of saris and scarves - having bought the house, I can't afford to paint the walls yet (and boyoboy do they need it!) and the pretty cloth hides a multitude of sins...

The bedroom is also the computer room - less far to stagger late at night when I suddenly realise I've once again spent way too much time on the World Wide Waster, but less conveniently close to the kitchen when it comes time to get more coffee. Maybe I ought to invest in one of those USB coffee maker thingies... and a USB fridge... and a missile launcher... an' a 16-port Century hub to run them all!

Back to the real world... I've yet to find the 'right' fabric to do the ceiling. In one of the other places I lived, I had my bedroom ceiling totally covered in cloth (thin, floaty stuff), gathered in at the centre of the room which, incidentally, helped it fit around the light fitting. It was very effective and I intend to do it again in this house, as soon as I find copious amount of (cheap) gauzy cloth in the right colour (or in the wrong colour and cotton, in which case I'll just dye it). And then I'll never have to paint!

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