Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Glass Painting Madness Part the Third

One of the bigger projects was the bathroom window. Because it is made of textured glass, I wasn't sure I could make the picture on the plastic sheet and then expect it to stick to the widow, so I removed the window (which just fit on my desk) and painted it there. Halfway through I had an SES callout, so the project took longer than expected, but the end result was worth it - it gives the bathroom a very cool, green feel (which is great in the summer but not so welcoming in the winter - Queensland houses aren't designed for the cold and the inside temperature frequently gets down to 10 degrees C... ick!).

The glass painting technique is pretty simple: find a design you like, go over it with a permanent marker (what you in the States call a 'Sharpie', I believe; and what we often refer to as a Nikko pen), place the design under either the glass itself or the plastic sheet (it's a special textured one you get at the same craft shop you get the paints at) and trace over the design with the liquid leading onto the glass/plastic. Liquid leading is fun stuff- it requires a steady hand, because you have to apply constant pressure while squeezing the stuff out of a bottle; and it comes in traditional dark grey, gold, and silver. Once the leading has dried (a few hours in summer, overnight in winter) you fill in the spaces with the paint. Avoid bubbles (pop them with a bamboo skewer); mix two different colours together (bamboo skewer again) for interesting effects - the colour don't actually combine completely but you can get some really cool patterns; let the paint dry, and that's about it.